The Different Types of Oil Skimmers

The Different Types of Oil Skimmers

Oil skimmers are responsible for collecting thousands of gallons of crude oi. What is amazing about them is that in spite of having a lot of press in such massive cleanup effort, a lot of them are efficiently and quietly doing what is expected of them across the world.

But in reality, not all of them are actually designed to response to spills. Instead, they are intended to prevent oil from getting into streams, lakes, ponds, and rivers. If there is a need for you to clean oil on top of the water in a retention pond, or other bodies of water like a marina, then they can perform such job. They also come in different types and each of them is designed for specific situations.

Tube Oil Skimmer

This type could clean big areas of water and can be sent out to the oil sheen by means of extending the tube to the water. The area that it can clean is limited by the tube’s length.

But the problem with this type is that it could take up a lot of space and can make the water that the tube is floating on not accessible to swimmers, equipment, and boats.

Belt Skimmer

This is another option that makes use of a stainless or poly steel belt. This type works in much smaller contained areas like tanks and smaller sized retention ponds where water could be brought to the skimmer.

This type of skimmer however, could not be expanded so it will have more pickup areas like that with tube oil skimmers as it has a vertical belt and collects oil directly.

Disk Skimmer

This kind of skimmer is compact and could pick up a lot of oil very quickly because of the big surface that it makes use of to pick up oil.

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Just like with the belt type, this one picks up oil that is actually on the water near the skimmer. It needs to be brought to the water or oil that should be circulated so that the oil on the water could be picked up by the skimmer. Moreover, this type is best for cleanup efforts.

Drum Skimmer

This skimmer is more like a drum as it lays horizontally in the water. In this one, the oil sticks to the drum and this is scraped off and then pumped to a storage tank.

Just like with a disk skimmer, this type should be taken to the oil or you can have the water moved to the drum. Also, this type works best in cleaning up oil spills on big bodies of water.

Knowing these different types of skimmers is very important so you can choose the best one for your specific needs.