Scary Mysteries Twisted Two’s: Meng Zhaguo Incident and Brett Cantor

Tales of hauntings, murder and scary mysteries. Every week Twisted Two’s dives into a pair of uniquely terrifying true stories that are worthy of a more in depth look.

For this week we focus on a mysterious alien encounter and the unusual death of Brett Cantor. Get ready for Scary Mysteries Twisted Two’s.

#1 The Meng Zhaoguo Incident

One of the most curious cases of UFO abductions is known as the Meng Zhaoguo incident, and It occurred in Red Flag Forest in Heilongjiang, China.

It was 1994 when a worker named Meng Zhaoguo and several friends spotted something white and shiny descend into the Red Flag Forest. They initially thought it was a weather balloon and Meng also felt that it could be some kind of helicopter crash and decided he would check it out. As soon as he approached what he thought was the crash site, he said he saw a spacecraft and that it was flanked by tall aliens. All of a sudden, something hit him square in the forehead and knocked him unconscious.

Several nights following this strange incident, Meng claimed that while at his house, he encountered a female alien with braided fur on her legs. He described her as being 10 feet tall and having six fingers. But aside from these strange characteristics, she looked completely human.

During the encounter, Meng said he was floating above his bed and could see both his daughter and wife right below him. He then claimed to have had intercourse with the female alien for around 40 minutes. As soon as they finished, the alien left the room, leaving Meng with an unusual 5 cm mark visible on his thigh.

A month later he once again levitated and this time he was pulled up through the ceiling and into a spaceship where he again encountered the same race of aliens. Meng asked to see the female but was told it wasn’t possible. Instead, they told him that in 60 years, on a faraway planet, the son of a Chinese peasant would be born. They also told Meng he would ultimately get a chance to see his son.

Because of his unusual story, many were unsure what to make of this strange UFO encounter. Meng’s story was scrutinized and he was repeatedly interviewed by the UFO Enthusiasts Club at Wuhan University. For the club, they believed the initial encounter could have been real, especially since there were other witnesses who saw the craft. They could not, however, account whether the subsequent encounters happened or it was something he was dreaming of or imagining.

However, in September of 2003, Meng was studied, given a lie detector test and given a medical exam. He was also placed under hypnosis hoping it would reveal the authenticity of his alien encounter claims. Zhang Jingpiing, the person who assisted in initiating the testing, said Meng’s results showed he wasn’t lying about the incident. The scar he had on his thigh was also studied by a doctor where it was concluded it “could not have have been caused by common injuries or surgery.”

Today, the case of Meng Zhaoguo remains a complete mystery. Whether he did encounter an alien and seeded an offspring, remains to be seen3.

#2 Brett Cantor

Most people may not be familiar with the name Brett Cantor, but many consider his case crucially tied to the case of O.J. Simpson.

Born in New York, Brett and his family moved to Los Angeles during the 70s where he eventually became a record label executive, concert promoter and nightclub owner. By the 90s, he was an A&R executive and worked for the Chrysalis Music Group. Cantor is known for signing groups like Jane’s Addiction and Rage Against the Machine.

Soon after signing the latter, Cantor left Chrysalis to be an agent and promoter on his own. He was known for putting together some of the biggest concerts during the time, bought a 10% stake in the popular Dragonfly nightclub and during the time was romantically involved with actress, Rose McGowan.

On the early morning of July 30, 1993, Cantor was seen leaving another nightclub, Club 434 and This was the last time he would be seen alive. Later that day, his body would be found close to his open front door inside his Hollywood home. Police determined he was stabbed 23 times around the torso, arms and head. His throat had been severely slashed to the point that he was nearly decapitated.

Although the case was investigated, no suspect was ever found and today, the case remains unsolved.

A year after Brett’s death, the bodies of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, were found inside Brown’s Brentwood home. O.J. Simpson was famously charged and arrested on two counts of murder but was subsequently acquitted during the trial.

It was during this time that O.J. ‘s lawyers asked Judge Lance Ito if they could review Cantor’s case because Apparently, all three, Cantor, Nicole Simpson and Goldman suffered similar wounds. All three were stabbed predominantly in the upper body and their throats were slashed.

The similarity was even more striking with Goldman and Cantor wherein someone had cut them on the throat from behind, starting from the left side and moving upwards across the neck. The coroner also noted that both Nicole and Goldman were killed by a long thin blade like that of Cantor.

Aside from the similarities in the murders, apparently, Goldman had worked for Dragonfly as a waiter before and was often seen with Cantor by other employees. Meanwhile, Nicole Simpson was a frequent guest at the club, showing that most likely all three of them were acquainted.

Various conspiracy theories have shown up over the years trying to explain his death. Some say Cantor, along with Goldman and Brown, were killed because of drugs. Some say all three were ordered to be killed by cocaine dealer, Joey Ippolito, because they either owed him money or were in the process of setting up a rival drug distribution group. Strangely, Ron Goldman’s friend, Michael Nigg, was also murdered 16 months after the Brentwood murders.

Weather all the cases are connected is still unknown but it certainly seems that it’s possible. The case of Brett Cantor and his death continues to remain a mystery, No one knows for sure who killed him and why.

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So there were two of the most alien and murderous stories around. The world can be a crazy place and Twisted Two’s is sure to show you why.

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