3D Printers Brisbane: Features and Specs to Know

3D printers come in various types that are developed to build 3D structures and objects. Every kind offers its own uniqueness. If you happen to be looking for some 3D printers in Brisbane, below are some features that you need to check out prior to making your final decision.


This is one of the most important factors that need to be considered when choosing a 3D printer. No one would ever want to spend so much of their time on a printer that will take forever to finish the job. However, while speed is an important consideration, you should not take the quality of print for granted. Make sure that you get one that has high speed and high resolution.



Extrusion is the primary process in 3D printing and this involves the melting and placing of a material in layers above of each other. For the number of extruders, they are either in-built or available as an upgrade. You need to keep in mind that it is a critical factor to consider when looking for some 3D printers in Brisbane.

Not all kinds of printers can perform a multi-colored operation. For prints and designs in multi-color, you have to look for a machine that have multiple extruders.


Printer Resolution

The print resolution will define the level of details that a printer could get and this is measured in microns. In this case, the smaller it is, the higher will be the level of detail of the objects. If you want your final product to have a high resolution, it would be best to opt for a high-resolution printer as it will have the capability to provide the level of detail that is needed and makes use the right type of material.



This is another important factor that should never be disregarded when buying a printer. You need to know the exact size of the structures or objects that you want to print and see it matches the print bed. The size of the print bed will allow you to make a solution that is more product-oriented as various objects could be printed in a single print job.

Moreover, opting for a larger printer will mean higher cost. You need to be very conscious not to compromise when it comes to the specifications. You have to check the printer’s filament diameter before you place your order for the material.

A 3D printer is such a useful technology that so many businesses today are benefiting from. In fact, it has changed how results are achieved as it can provide a more quality one. So, if you are considering to purchase one, you need to be very careful and make sure that the one you will be getting meets your needs so you can achieve your desired results and not end up wasting money.