Air Compressor Repairs: Signs that You Need One

If there is a regular need for an air compressor in your business, then you know how unfortunate and costly it is to experience downtime. There will also be a question of whether or not you should have air compressor repairs or replace a broken one. Choosing which way to go can be a big challenge so here is a guide that can help you in your decisions.


The Factors You Need to Consider



This is definitely one of the major factors that should always be considered. While opting to have a new one may seem more expensive, you should note the cost of ownership for a span of ten-year life and you will realize that the overall purchase price of the new one would be around 10% of the entire cost.


Age of the Unit

Another factor that will greatly influence whether you should do air compressors repairs or replace your old or broken one would be the age of the unit, as well as energy efficiency when compared with newer models and its reliability and history.

Before you make the final decision, be sure that you check the system in case a breakdown is due to something that can still be fixed.


Look for the Signs

If the air compressor is showing signs of high suction, this could indicate that it should be repaired. If it starts producing at a lessened capacity, this could be a sign that it’s evaporator is too big for the compressor. If you think that this is the problem, you should call someone to have it repaired or serviced. With this, you will know the best course of action to take.

If it happens that the flow is reduced, this could lead to low-head pressure- something not good. This could the air compressor to function at a very low capacity than what is specified in its ratings. This means that the condenser is very big and can potentially lead to a decreased pressure in the head. If you are experiencing this problem, you should replace the old parts or do an upgrade.

If the compressor pumps at a low capacity due to some issues, then the refrigerant will soon get back up into the condenser. This could lead to high condenser subcooling, which you need to immediately take care of. One more thing that may happen when the compressor is not pumping to its ability is that the valves have gone bad. This could lead to amp draw which could be a very frustrating problem. Having an amp draw means that the compressor functions lower that what the rating specifies.

As soon as you see any problem that have been listed above, you might need to consider having your compressor be repaired.